We’re Going on an Egg Hunt

Black Note Beginners

Welcome to the magical world of piano at Easter time!

This little tune is based on the beautiful Bloomsbury book, ‘We’re Going on an Egg Hunt’, illustrated by Laura Hughes.

You may like to purchase your very own Egg Hunt book so you can play and sing along, once you get the hang of these two patterns.

To play this simple version on the piano, you will need this downloadable PDF:

Going on an Egg Hunt

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Key Concepts

  • Visual pattern recognition on paper
  • Aural pattern recognition
  • Visual pattern recognition on the piano
  • Fluency in playing is helped by strong pattern use
  • Establishing a steady beat by using patterns
  • Recognising and performing rhythm patterns
  • Creating a sense of being able to play and tell stories on the instrument

Learning the Tune

We will be using groups of 3 black notes for BOTH hands.

You will find the finger set up inside the booklet, and it is explained in the first video below.

There will be TWO main patterns you need to learn to play & sing this tune.

Step One

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Watch this video & look in your book

This video will show you how to set up your fingers, and it will explain how to play the first pattern you will need.

The first pattern is on page 3 and 4 of your booklet.

Key Learnings Tips:

  • this pattern is on a group of 3 black notes
  • it is a DOWNWARDS pattern
  • it uses BOTH HANDS
  • this is the pattern we use on the pages with FLAPS in the book.

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You might like to practice Pattern One until you can play it fluently.

Step 2

video iconAction:

Watch this video & look in your book

This next video show you the second pattern you will need to play along to the book.

This pattern can be found on pages 5-7 of your booklet.

Key Learning Tips:

  • your hands remain in the same position on groups of 3 black notes
  • this is an UPWARDS pattern
  • it uses BOTH HANDS
  • this is the pattern we use for the PLAIN pages in the book


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Try playing this pattern until you have memorized it, and can play it smoothly.


Step 3

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Action: Watch this video & play along

In this third video of our Egg Hunt series, you will use both of the patterns you have learned to go on an Easter adventure by playing along as I read the book.

I will be singing (reading) the words to the story, while you play the notes.

There is a simple version of the music in the background, to help guide your playing.

I will introduce each page, and let you know which pattern will be needed.

Key Learning Tips:

  • You will need BOTH of the patterns you have learned to play along with me
  • It is fine to have your music in front of you, if you find reading makes it easier to remember the patterns
  • It’s also fine to memorise the two patterns, and play them along with the book
  • There are a few slightly new sections in the video, right near the end. It’s fine to follow the instructions I give, or just stop and listen for those pages.

Before you watch: I’m very sorry, everyone- I completely mangled one of the pages where we have to go back through all the animals, due to the very limited vision I have on the screen (and it’s all backwards for me), so I had to redo the page. It’s a great reminder that music can help us know that it’s okay to make mistakes, and that even the grown ups do! So, I’ve left it in for the time being. Please come back to enjoy the story again and again 🙂


light bulb iconExtra Ideas

This book and the activities we do with it in our lessons are absolute favourites with my piano students.

Here are some ideas to extend the learning, and the fun:

Egg Hunt

Take your students on a magical adventure as you read and play this beautiful book.

  • Hide 9 plastic Easter Eggs filled with items that start with the name of one of the piano notes, like Bunnies, Chicks, Carrots (you can often get little mini-ones at Easter, or make your own), Dinosaurs/ Dogs, Eggs etc.*
  • After playing & singing each ‘flap’ page, the student can take a basket to collect as many eggs as was under the flaps, until all 9 eggs are collected.
  • Once the book is completed, the student opens the eggs and places the items on the notes of the piano.

* I usually link the items to the start note/ root note/ often used note of the next piece we will be exploring. I will often use my Do the Bunny Hop! music (either version), or the ‘white note’ version of We’re Going on an Egg Hunt. These pages can be ‘marked up’ by highlighting the stems of the notes they have items on the piano. The ‘Do the Bunny Hop! Activity Pack has some step by step instructions.

  • You can use this for the Carrot Song Activity Pack, also.
  • The characters or items can be great to play Dinosaurs & Dragons, or any other magical creature names using the letter being focussed on. I’ve used ‘Clabberts and Chicks’ for our Harry Potter themed activities.

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