Creating Your Own Pop Tune Lesson Three

create your own pop songOver the past weeks, we’ve been creating a Pop Tune of your very own!

To do this, we learned a little bit about something called the Circle of Fifths, which pretty much most modern and Classical music is based on. You can find Lesson One here. We created something called a Chord Progression for a Verse and a Chorus. The Right Hand played each chord four times in each bar, while the Left Hand held the Root Note.

In Lesson 2, we listened to a variety of music from popular artists to hear how chords can be played in all sorts of interesting ways. You were asked to try each style of playing with your chord progression, then choose one style for the Verses, and one for the Chorus.


There are TWO things that you should be able to do before moving on with this lesson.

You should have:

  1. A chord progression that you’re happy with, written on your ‘Creating Tunes’ print out, with the STYLE you have chosen to play the Verse & Chorus written on the sheet.
  2. Practiced enough to play the chord progression smoothly with a steady beat with both hands.

Once you have BOTH of these things down pat, you’re ready for today’s lesson!


This week, we’re hopefully making things a little easier for your fingers by exploring how to rearrange your chords. This is known as inverting chords.

Here’s what I mean….


  1. Figure out the notes in your chords. Write them on a piece of paper or whiteboard.
  2. Watch the Tutorial about how to apply the style to your own piece below. In a Nutshell: Circle the notes that are the same in each chord, then experiment with where to place the notes that ARE NOT the same so your hand doesn’t need to move around so much. Often, you’ll find the notes that aren’t the same are quite close to each other.
  3. Try your OWN chord progression with the NEW chord positions, using the STYLE of chords you’ve chosen for the Verse & Chorus (e.g. ‘Someone Like You’ style, or ‘Talking to the Moon’ style).

That’s it for now!

Have a WONDERFUL holiday and I’ll see you again next term 🙂

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