Someone Like You

Here’s all the info you need to successfully play Adelle’s ‘Someone like You’….


Get familiar with the piece.

Listen to the song on your device of choice, or have at look at Adelle’s music video.


Print out your music:

someone like you MUSIC PDF button

And your lyrics, if you’d like…

Someone Like You


Know the order to learn the piece in.

Learn the piece in this order:

  1. Verse
  2. Chorus
  3. Bridge


Know what you’re aiming for.

You are looking to play the piece

  • smoothly, fluently, and with feeling
  • keeping a steady beat

To do this, you will need to use some practice strategies

We’ve been using the practice strategies from The Curious Piano Teachers.

Learning Strategy 1: The Magic 3 Strategy 

  • Break the music into smaller chunks and practice each part until you can play it correctly THREE times in a row.
  • Do this first with JUST the right hand, then JUST the left hand, then JOIN them together.
  • Practice the next part in the same way, then use your Magic 3 to put the two sections together.
  • Keep going through each small section, joining each section to the next, until you’ve mastered the whole verse, then the whole chorus, then the whole bridge, then the whole song.

This piece is easy to break into small chunks! Your printed copy has four keyboards on each page. Each keyboard show you ONE chord pattern. Each chord pattern is the small section to learn and memorize.

Learning Strategy 2: Snail Speed

  • To help you keep a steady beat (and learn the chord patterns correctly), GO SLOWLY
  • Use a metronome or beat keeping device on your keyboard.


Use the YouTube tutorials to help you decipher, understand and play the music.

You’ll notice the Verse & Chorus have a different version of ‘sheet music’. Use your PDF from this page, and you’ll notice it’s still the same patterns- just easier to understand 🙂


  • Stop & play each section until you get the hang of it
  • Pause the tutorial whenever you need to
  • Stop the tutorial and practice joining each section together, once you’ve learned a new section




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