Incy Wincy Spider


Incy Wincy Book

The book we were working with this term is called ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’ by Kate Toms. It’s a great story about problem solving and perseverance. The collaged illustration are gorgeous!


There are a mix of rote learning and music reading pieces for Incy Wincy.

The simple music reading pieces in the booklet are designed to help recognize patterns both on the page and the piano, and how they relate to each other:

  • when the music on the page goes UP, the notes go UP on the piano;
  • if the written music goes DOWN, the notes on the piano goes DOWN.

(you should have a printed copy, but you can print another if you need, by clicking the image to the left).

This is to help students begin to learn how music reading and playing work together.

The aim is for smooth, fluent playing. There’s lots of pitch games, singing and note singing that we use to help with this.

Other pieces are rote learning pieces, which help children to:

  • develop musical understanding
  • recognise and learn patterns
  • develop memory skills by remember patterns and their order
  • listen to their playing, how their piece sounds
  • play musically and fluently
  • remain motivated and engaged in playing the piano
  • increase concentration
  • evoke creativity
  • develop technique
  • actually help children develop music reading skills (!)



I purchased the rhyming picture book from a cheap shop for under $5 a few years ago. You can try purchasing it here if you’d like a copy for home.


Click on the picture to the left to download a copy of the PRINT version, in case your child has lost their copy.

There are copies of the single page sheets next to the tutorials, too.


You’ll see some of the ways we used the book as a guide as we play the song on the video below.


There’s a few tutorials for the Incy Wincy songs:

THE SPIDER SONG (main piece)

The rest of the pieces and PDFs can be found on the comprehensive newsletter here.



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