Dinosaurs and Dragons


This is a great game to help students recognise the note D on the piano.


  • Mini plastic dinosaurs or small erasers. Preferably something that starts with ‘D’.
  • Piano



  1. Ask your student to place the dinosaurs onto all the Ds they can find on the piano (between a group of TWO black notes- see above).
  2. Choosing a spare dinosaur, invite your student to touch their dino onto every D they find going UP. Your hand will be the DRAGON chasing them, playing all the white keys.
  3. They need to get to the top of the piano first, without getting gobbled up by your hand. Adjust your speed for the student’s capacity. Make it fun! Use ‘chasing words’, like, ‘The dragons coming to get you…oops- nearly got you…I’m getting closer’, all in a fun and humorous way.
  4. In the excitement, the child may accidentally skip some Ds. Let them know that the game is about playing EVERY D note very clearly. Demonstrate a ‘clear’ note, and what it sounds like when they hit more than one note at a time. SLOW DOWN a little if they are excitedly skipping notes. Gently let them know if they’ve skipped a D on the subsequent passes, and give them time to go back and play it.


  • Go up the piano
  • Go down the piano
  • Use left hand up & down
  • Use right hand up & down
  • Remove dinosaurs on the keys when student is ready.