Musical Dominoes: A Gift

Some students have been introduced to a Musical Dominoes Game I developed to help them learn:

  • the values of musical notes & rests
  • the names of musical symbols

The students need to match note and rest values, as well as musical terms with their symbols to create a rectangle.


Students were given access to a sheet which lists all the terms, symbols and values to aid them in their quest.

Not all students have played this game, but I’ve attached it here for families who would like to give it a go.


Click here to get your Musical Dominoes.

Click here to download the Dominoes Symbol Chart.

To play:

  1. Print out Dominoes Game onto some card, cut out the rectangles and laminate to protect.
  2. Print & laminate the Symbol Chart.
  3. Mix up the dominoes cards and spread them face up in rows.
  4. Choose ONE card to start.
  5. Matching symbols to words, and musical notes & rests to their numerical value, work card by card until you create a rectangle. All the symbols should match.


You can’t match numbers to numbers or notes to rests or other notes.

For example:

the numeral 1 cannot match another numeral 1  OR

crotchet rest

cannot match crotchet

You MUST match symbols to their appropriate word

For example

treble clef

to the word TREBLE CLEF

You MUST match numbers to RESTS or NOTES of the same value

For example
whole note to the number 4   OR

crotchet rest to the number 1.

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