Developing Rhythm & Dynamics


Throughout weeks 5 & 6, we developed our understanding of dynamics with Dynamics Fish.

DSC_0144The students were to choose one fish at a time, without seeing which dynamics were hidden beneath…

DSC_0143Their percussion instruments and Rhythm Flash Cards were all set up for them…

They then played the rhythm using any instrument they choose, using the dynamics instruction on the back of the fish.

DSC_0145They kept going until all four fish were turned over.

We then sorted the fish into VOLUME & SPEED (Tempo) columns.

Volume: Forte (loud) Piano (soft)

Tempo/ Speed: Lento (slow) Allegro (Fast)

DSC_0147We then played the next Rhythm Flashcard (introducing Ta-aa) with COMBINATIONS of Volume & Tempo.

We found that it’s easiest to play FAST & LOUD, and SLOW & SOFT.

FAST & SOFT and SLOW & LOUD are a little more challenging!

We then moved onto the piano to keep playing pieces using the Magical Music Maker.

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