Week Three: Balance, Animals, Listening


This week, we continued on our ‘Balancing’ theme with our long piece of string.


This time, students were asked to pick a foam number from 1-4 out of a box, and tell me which number they have without looking.


We kept that number in mind, then chose an Animal Action card to flip over. Your child balanced the length of the string using the action of the card they chose.


They then played the Rhythm Card corresponding to the number they chose using percussion instruments.


They performed the same action back up the string until all four cards had been played.

Some students noticed there was ONE extra animal card! They balanced down the string one extra time and played each Rhythm Card in order with the instruments.


Older students were then asked to listen to me CLAP a rhythm and tell me the number of the rhythm I clapped (a tricky challenge for many students!). Some students even clapped some rhythms for me to guess.

Why? All of these are great activities for developing musical listening and reading skills. Clapping to me ensures your child will be musically ‘understood’, which means they need to clap in a clear and musically correct way in order for me to be able choose the rhythm correctly (while they get to feel like the teacher!).


We continued working on the pieces your child has been playing at home. Lots of Completion Stickers are making their way onto those musical pages!

Some students have begun writing out their composition from Week One onto the staff at the back of their books.


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