Home Play Time & Weekly Challenge Boxes

You may have noticed a NEW Music Journal has made its way home with your child!

weekly challenge book cover

This is how I’ll let you know:

  • what we’ve been up to in our lesson
  • what to practice at home
  • finger exercises to get those digits nimble
  • musical self-reviews your child undertakes

The set-up is explained in more detail over here.

It’s a little different to the School Music Journal.

Here’s how:


Music Challenge

In your child’s new actual MUSIC BOOK, you’ll notice there’s a WEEKLY CHALLENGE section, with 9 boxes.

challenge image

I’ve found orienting towards TASK goals to be really useful for young students. That’s what these boxes are for. I’ve drawn them in your child’s other music books, too, if they have a piece to practice from there.


Each time your child plays the piece at home, they can mark off one square with a drawing.

We’re looking for:

  • using the proper fingers
  • playing the correct notes
  • correct rhythm

The work we do in class should help with these things.

When all 9 boxes are filled in, your child is able to show me how well they can play their piece and receive a Completion Sticker. We’ll review how they played with their fingers, notes and rhythms.

Once a piece has a Completion Sticker, your child is still welcome to play the tune at home. We may come back and review it later, but it will no longer officially be a practice piece.


If you’d like, you can also record the amount of TIME your child practices in the School Music Journal. I’ll try to write our Home Play activities in this journal, too.

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