Music Evening this Wednesday!

Hello everyone,

Hopefully you’ve received all the info about the Music Evening.

Here’s a recap:

  • This Wednesday, June 20 in the school gym
  • Arrive 6:30pm for a 7pm start
  • Uniform: either school uniform or musician’s uniform (white/black top with black bottoms)
  • Please bring guitars to school on Wednesday so I can pre-tune them BEFORE the concert

I also have some other news to tell you before the concert.

This has developed quite quickly.

For all guitar students, the concert will celebrate our time together.

I have been managing the yoga centre in the main street of Mount Barker while the owners are overseas. The demands of both forms of work upon my time has simply become too challenging. It so happened that I ran into Kim, the school’s previous violin teacher, who has just had some time become available. She is also able to teach guitar.

So, as of next term, Kim will be conducting the guitar lessons at the school. She has visited some of our group sessions to see how I run them, so the transition is easier for the children.

This was a hard decision to make. I miss all of those lovely faces already! I really thank you for letting me share the joy of music with your children. It has truly been an honour.

I will continue to teach keyboard/piano, recorder and singing (there may be a change to the singing group format…more news later).

Due to these changes, there could be schedule changes for all students. I will be attempting to have Friday as my main teaching day, so Monday students will most likely migrate over to new time slots. Kim will allocate students according to her own time-table, in conjunction with the school.

I hope to see you on Wednesday at the concert!

Warm regards,

Cristy 🙂

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