Music Evening

Our second annual Music evening is coming up!

It is scheduled for Wednesday, June 20, 7pm-8:30pm (approx.)

You’ll receive further information about arrival times etc closer to the day.

It’s all been a bit exciting and THE topic of conversation during lessons!

This evening event is an opportunity for our young musicians to share their musical journey with their families and friends, and celebrates their learning and effort.

The things you need to know for now are…


The students can wear either:

  • Traditional music attire- white or black top with black pants, or
  • School uniform
Practice is the way the students really develop musical skill.
Leading up to the concert, practice is particularly important.
The way I’ve been describing this to the students is…
  1. It’s important that you feel as confident as you can when you perform. Practice builds this confidence. We’ve discussed how performing, while very exciting, can also cause butterflies in the tummy, so feeling really confident because you know the piece well help you feel much better when you’re up on stage.
  2. When you play for an audience, you’re offering them a gift. When we practice, we’re making the gift as beautiful as we can for those people we are playing for.
While I understand there are family, sporting and other commitments (and surprises), it would be great if your child could:
  • Practice their piece 4-5 times per day (at least), 4 or 5 days per week. The older the student, the more they are capable of focusing on their practice. The Junior Primary students have been asked to practice in this way.
  • For older students, using time as a guideline (or time combined with a specific number of practices of their piece) may be more useful.
  • Practice the tricky bits, too…not just the bits you like or are good at. Then these bits can become as smooth as the rest of the piece.
It would be great if all our musical students feel that they’ve done their best in sharing their music with the school community!
I will send out a list of students & the pieces they are playing, so you know the focus piece for your child.
Yours in joyful song,

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