It’s the beginning of a new term!

Hello everyone,

Welcome back! I hope you are well rested after a lovely long holiday break.

Personally, I hit the ground running (it was a very work-filled holiday!), but my family and I did get to head over to enjoy the beaches and sights of the Yorke Peninsula for a few days. It was just lovely!

Over the holidays, I’ve had a chance to think about how to best structure this next term.

While I haven’t yet got the details of the school events and so on we’ll need to work around this term, I think it will work best if we schedule lessons from week 2-9. This leaves week 10 free for catch-ups. The last week of school tends to throw a variety of fun and unexpected activities into the mix, so relaxing the schedule to a few catch up lessons will most likely work out best for everyone. I do hope this suits everyone. You will be invoiced accordingly.

As mentioned in the previous email, there are lessons tomorrow to catch up our missed day due to Sports Fest last term.

Hopefully, I will receive details of school events tomorrow, so I can begin invoicing over the weekend.

Please let me know via email ( or text (04 000 51 007) if you are NOT planning to continue your child’s lessons this term. Otherwise, it is assumed lessons are continuing as per last term.

Thank you all so much for your continued support! 🙂

I look forward to another lovely term of music with your child.

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