An End of Term Update

Hello everybody!

Just a quick note to let you know a few things:

  1. last Friday was Sports Day, which wasn’t taken into account for your fees this term. This means a catch up lesson is in store. Friday students will make this lesson up on the first Friday of term 2.
  2. this Friday is a public holiday, which has been accounted for in your fees, so it doesn’t need a catch up lesson.
  3. with Thursday being the last day of term, it is finishing early, which means the late afternoon students will have their lessons straight after first lunch just for this week.
  4. I will be sending out some new tunes especially for the Friday students this week to practice. (Of course, all students can give them a go!)
  5. Next term lessons will officially commence in week 2 and run to week 10 so you will be charged accordingly. The Friday catch up lessons in week 1 are covered by this term’s fees.

Please let me know if your child is not going to continue next term by emailing

Thanks for a wonderful term and have a restful holiday!!

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