Music to enjoy

This week, I promised the instrumental students awesome complimentary copies of their music…it took a little longer than expected, but here it is! (Sorry, voice students- your music is still on it’s way. you will receive a booklet this week).

These pages will be included in a music book I am currently working on, which will be available for all instruments. I’m hoping to get the books out as soon as possible, but as with all good things, it takes time (especially when one is teaching full time!).

The book will include a whole range of songs, activities, theory sheets and information to help both your child and yourself engage with the music they are learning in class. Some samples are included in these pages.

I do hope you find these music pages useful!




Please print out your copy, so your child can use them. You just need to click on the appropriate image button above and you should be taken straight to your PDF copy to print.

The guitar music is the same as I sent out last week, with the addition of the Parent Pages.

PS Some students did not do these particular tunes or activities. Please don’t worry about printing them out if this is the case.


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