Updated schedule and news of a little gift…….

Hi Everyone,

Music this term has been absolutely phenomenal! There has been such an amazing influx of both old and new students and my heart has just been flooded with such a sense of deep gratitude (I get to share the journey of music with even more lovely young people!). I’ve been pondering how I might be able to pass on the flow of this gratitude to our musical families…..and I’ve finally come up with a lovely way I might be able to do this. You’ll find out more tomorrow, so please keep an eye on your inbox.



Your child (other than voice students) has been given a Weekly Challenge Booklet. This little book is the way I record and communicate what we’re working on during lessons, so please, please, please ensure your child brings the book to each lesson!

In fact, here’s a little check list:

  • Challenge Book
  • Folder for sheet music (display folder from the supermarket is fine)
  • Music Book (store bought or printed PDF from Inspiration Studio)
You might like to keep them all together in a plastic sleeve or envelope.


The Voice group was going to be switched back to Thursday afternoons, but after conversing with teachers and parents, Friday afternoon will work best….so it’s staying in the Friday time slot. This means that Voice students will miss some Buddy time each fortnight. Sorry, students! I’m sure you’ll still get to do plenty with your Buddy classes…and there isn’t going to be set Buddies this term.

Thanks for your support! 🙂

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