It’s School Time Again!!!

And that means time for music lessons to begin! YAY!! I’m really excited about the year ahead and the wonderful music we can make together!

If you would like for your child to continue their music lessons with me this year, please fill in the Registration Form below (simply click on the logo and you’ll be taken straight to the PDF version).

Please return the form to the Front Office by the end of this week (Week 1).


Just a quick reminder: spaces are limited!



After School Lessons

  • This year, there will be 2 lessons available after school on both Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • These spaces are reserved for Upper Primary students (Grades 6 & 7).
  • Other students may utilize these times only if upper primary students do not wish to have their lessons at these times.
  • Upper primary students will also be generally scheduled for lessons AFTER second lunch, so they miss minimal instructional learning time.

Would you like to utilize these session times for your child??

Please let me know on your enrollment form, or phone me to discuss the options (ph: 04 000 51 007)


15 Minute Lessons

I truly believe that music should be made available (and therefore affordable) to all students. This is one of the reasons Inspiration Music offers both full and half priced lessons (as well as quarter priced lessons for our Singing Group).

Last year, I provided a large number of 15 minute individual lessons for our students. It was wonderful to be able to journey with the students in this individual way.


It also meant that lessons were frequently running behind schedule, as these shorter lessons also meant locating more students (who could be all over the school, we found!).

I like people to get full value for their money and I also value all of my available teaching time, so I’ve thought long and hard about what could be done to maintain value as well as keep music teacher stress at the sane level!

Here’s what I came up with (these are actually the original plans for these lessons):

  • 15 minute lessons are available for our younger students, that is up to and including Grade 2, for Keyboard lessons only.
  • Short lessons will be limited to very few primary school students in special circumstances, whose parents I will contact shortly.
  • All other instrumentalists paying the $10 per lesson fee will be arranged into groups for their lessons.
  • As much as possible, 15 minute lessons will run consecutively in class groups.
  • Even our young students can opt for the 30 minute lessons. This is great for their learning and also helps keep the daily music schedule on track. Fewer student changeovers mean fewer minutes lost through the day.

Please let me know if your young child would like to opt for a longer lesson– these lessons include a variety of playing, finger exercises, fun theory sheets, musical games, song writing (composition), practical theory and listening practice (aural)…so there’s plenty of fun things to maintain attention and consolidate learning.

Thanks for your understanding and also for your attention through this longer-than-expected post!

I look forward to beginning a fresh new year of music with you and your family 🙂


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