End of Year

Wow! We made it! It’s the end of the year once more, with all it’s lovely balmy (well, here’s hoping!) weather to relax and rest in…

I’d like to say an awesomely big THANK YOU!!!! to all of you.

It’s such a joy doing the work I do, and it’s thanks to you that I get to do it!

It’s been a fantastic year, with lots of firsts- the Music Evening and Music Mornings being real highlights of our musical year.


I’d also like to thank those families who sent me some lovely, thought-filled gifts and cards.

Here’s a little display I made:

Thank you Holly, Imogen, Rylee, Tom, Jack and Keeley (whose delicious homemade Rocky Road has already been eaten and therefore is not in this picture!). Thanks to the lovely Kimmy, Jocelyn and Lauren for their hand-crafted cards. I hope I’ve included everyone- I apologise for any inadvertent omissions.

As a gift to all of you, here’s a link to the slide show presentation we used at our recent Music Morning (the children have also received their Music Morning Songbook)….

 Music Morning!

Best Wishes and Thank You Once Again!

Cristy 🙂

PS I won’t be at school tomorrow- all lessons are complete! If you need to contact me, please phone or text me 04 000 51 007, or email cristycoates@gmail.com


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