WOW! What a morning!

I am so humbled and awestruck by the lovely musicians I am privileged to teach!

Each and every student did an AMAZING job!! There was a lot to do and remember and listen to….they were patient, keen and fast learners.

We had a great morning entertaining and engaging the youngest members of our school with song, dance and music.

The Junior Primary students seemed to really enjoy the show!

Big BIG HUGE thanks to….

  • Kaela- my daughter, who spent 6 hours creating the slide show, and then helped out during the performance
  • Mr Guiderere- and his awesome team. Laurie spent yesterday afternoon preparing the space and came to check on us throughout the show. Some of his students helped ensure the microphones and sound equipment worked beautifully.
  • Christine- For the extra costumes and donating a whole morning of time for the performance rehearsal AND show! It could not have run as smoothly without her help and support with the singing students.
  • The Upper Primary guitarists- for a great job of comparing the show and keeping things flowing so smoothly
  • Jack- for comparing (and for a lovely gift and handmade card- it made my day!)
  • Riley for gifting us his guitar playing skills for the PIP performance
  • Imogen and Hayley for the use of their keyboards
  • The parents, grandparents and relatives who came along to support our budding musicians
  • The wonderful music students (and the parents who support them!)- my life is made rich and joyful through being part of their musical journey. Sharing music is wonderful!
  • The students and staff who helped deconstruct the equipment and reset the library after the show.

2011 Music Morning Books

The students love their new books, which have all the concert pieces (words, music, introductions), extra music, sample lessons and all of their work held in their pages. I saw quite a few of them walking around during lunch time, singing to themselves and their friends!

These books are my gift to you. I hope you enjoy them!


Some students were scheduled to have music lessons during the day after the concert.

Due to spending numerous hours (I got to bed at 1:30am!) collating and making the books, organising the slide show, setting and packing up, as well as rehearsal times, I decided to let the students bask in the happiness of their performance. I hadn’t factored in the hours of music the event would take into my scheduling for this week. I hope this arrangement is suitable to those affected.



Thank you so much for supporting the music program 🙂

PS If anyone has photos they would like to share, please pass them on to me through my email address-


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