Music Morning- TOMORROW!!!!

Hi everyone!

Hope all the students are ready for their exciting day tomorrow…

They will be getting a very special booklet with all the music, introductions, order of events etc etc, with a few bonus bits & bobs, too.

Adristhi will need to bring her music (that’s the only music I don’t have).


  1. Love is All costume (colourful clothing, antenae, wings etc- Rylee has kindly brought a few extra costume pieces along)
  2. Piece of colourful fabric (sarong, sheet, sari) and baby doll, if possible
  3. Christmassy things (hat, reindeer antlers, elf ears, cuddly toys etc)

The Junior Primary Guitarists also wanted to dress up, which is fine!

Please remember:

  1. Instruments- bring over to new library before school starts- particularly guitars, so they can be tuned
  2. Go to class until 9 am
  3. Come to library at 9 am for rehearsal
  4. Concert starts 10:15am

Parents & grandparents welcome!

Off to collate the booklets now…

Hope to see you there!!!! 🙂

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