A note for all our singers….




Finally, we’re going to perform one of our favourites…at the Junior Primary Music Morning.

Check out the link below to hear & watch the tune (Love is All, from Roger Glover’s Butterfly Ball)

(Trouble seeing the video? Try clicking the title of this post…the webpage will appear on screen. Press the image above this message on the webpage- hopefully, troubles solvered!)

So, here’s the catch…..

Yep- it’s Creative Corner time! Time for creative juices to flow and ideas to abound….

We’re hoping to create some quick, easy costumes. You can use the video clip for inspiration.

It might be anything from bright, colourful clothing, to a more elaborate costume with wings and antennae.

Please keep in mind, the costume will need to be:

  • Easy to change into & out of quickly– the performance of this piece might be at the start, middle or end of the concert, so we may need to change into or out of them at lightning speed
  • Comfortable– those beautiful voices need a comfortable body
  • Inexpensive– we don’t want anyone breaking their budget for the performance!
  • Easy for the children to take to school
  • Easy for the children to dress into by themselves– hopefully, we’ll have some parent or teacher helpers, but the more the children can do by themselves the better!
It’s all pretty much up to you and your child….some children would prefer colourful clothes, others full costume.
Whatever works for you and your child is fine!
Have fun! We’ve still got just under 6 weeks, so there’s plenty of time.
Cristy 🙂


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