Here we are- Term 2!

What a busy, busy term we had in term 1!

It’s been such a creative and inspirational time for all of us….

We worked at creating amazing compositions, an array of games, experiences and activities, as well as reading music, aural skills and musical symbols.

You’ll even get a chance to witness some of what we’ve been doing, because….(drum roll)….we’ll be having an evening concert for all the music students this term! At this stage, it will be scheduled sometime between weeks 6-8. I will let you know the details early this term, as dates are confirmed.

This term starts with a pupil free day, which means rescheduling the Monday students. I will need to negotiate this with the school, so I will let you know sometime during the first week of school (i.e. next week!).

Please let me know if you are…

  • going to be away for part of this term (if you haven’t already)
  • changing your child’s music lessons (i.e. cancelling or trying a new instrument)
  • needing to organise payment plan options this term
  • changing contact details (i.e. email, phone etc)
A few changes…
  • Upper Primary Guitar (Grade 6/7) students will have a group lesson on Wednesdays after school
  • Upper Primary Voice (Grade 6/7) lessons will be suspended for this term
All other lessons will be scheduled as per last term, with adjustments around any changes in class timetables.
The School Term Planner is usually ready in week 2. I will use this to inform you of changes to the schedule at that time.
Many of you may have noticed I tend to use a lot of photocopies and handwritten music. Part of the reason for this is because I believe it allows for greater flexibility and variety, tailoring musical content to the individual student. The handwritten aspect allows students to receive impromptu or composed pieces faster (than taking them home to ‘computerize’ them), and gives students an opportunity to see how to write music correctly by hand. Also, photocopying some book music isn’t really the done thing (it can break copyright codes).
However, I am finding this process a little stressful currently…this term has seen an extraordinary number of wonderful musical young people join our merry band, which means a far greater amount of extra work, and it’s difficult to keep up!
With this in mind, I am currently on the hunt for good musical book series for the various instruments I offer tuition in.
Like other music tutors, I am hoping to charge the cost of the books to your next invoice (this has actually been listed as part of the parent information on the website since its inception, but I’ve not been overly vigilant about this).
Once payment is received, I can then purchase the book for your child. All books will cost $20, as per the website.
Your child will need to remember to bring their books along to each lesson.
You won’t need to purchase a different book if your child is learning:
  • Recorder (you’ll just need the one book when starting- Progressive series. Extra books from this series can then be purchased as required once Book 1 is completed)
  • Voice (your child just needs to bring a folder for photocopies)
You’ll need to purchase a new book if your child is learning:
  • Piano (I will choose your child’s book according to their level and style of learning)
  • Guitar– Grades 1-5 (sorry to change these, but the current books are simply too challenging for this age group- great for project work over a period of time)
In my experience, books work best when they progressively and gently ease students through musical learnings without generally needing to write in notes, and pieces should ultimately be easy enough to play in a musical, rhythmical way….yet still be interesting for the students. Particularly in group work, we sing the tune, create actions, or do an activity with the piece, working in numerous ways to involve the students in aural (listening) skills to assist their musical playing, and improve musical knowledge. All of this helps develop musicality. Music isn’t just about playing the right notes….there’s so much more!
Project songs may require some use of writing in notes, and are a little more challenging in nature. Students may choose to work with project pieces over a series of weeks or longer.
Of course, we’ll still be doing the planned activities and fun impromptu things (and different music skills which don’t involved reading music) the children love alongside the guidance of the books.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Looking forward to a magical term together!
Cristy 🙂

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